Tuam Lunchtime Meeting

The change this issue is a change of venue for the Tuam lunchtime meetings. The 13:00 lunchtime meetings in Tuam have moved from the Parish centre to Harmony Hall, Church View, Tuam.

This meeting list is available here: https://galwayaa.com/aa/AAMeetingsList.pdf, so that members and group secretaries can download and print as required.

If I could suggest to Area secretaries to please continue to print a few copies to include with area minutes to group secretaries.

If I could also suggest to all members to please continue to print a few copies for your home and local groups.

Special Note; The secretary of 20:30 Oranmore Wednesday Step meeting at the Pastoral Centre beside the Church has mentioned that this meeting would welcome any support as it is still in danger of closing.

If anybody wishes to be added or removed from this mailing list, please let us know.

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