November Meetings News

We have some changes to meetings that we wish to share with you. Many thanks to Brian C for continuing to update the Meetings List, which is available here for download for your members.

1) There is a new 8:30 morning meeting on Sunday (Correction – Saturday) in Salthill as part of the “Good Morning Galway Group. The Salthill venue are rear of Church, now has at least one meeting every day of the week, totaling nine meetings, comprising of six morning meetings and three evening meetings.

2) The Glenamaddy Monday evening meeting at the Social Services Centre has changed from 20:30 to 21:00.

This meeting list will very shortly be uploaded to the Galway AA website, with a hyperlink ( ), so that members and in particular, group secretaries can download and print as required.

We are asked to suggest to Area secretaries to please continue to print a few copies to include with area minutes to group secretaries. If we could also suggest to all members to please continue to print a few copies for your home and local groups.

Special Note

The secretary of 20:30 Oranmore Wednesday Step meeting at the Pastoral Centre beside the Church has requested support for this meeting.

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