Connaught Groups Insurance Scheme

The Connaught Groups Insurance scheme, is a service provided by Galway Area.

The Group Insurance scheme is an additional insurance to your landlords public liability insurance. Some landlords may require this cover to indemnify them against extra liabilities they may incur.

To inquire about participation in our scheme please complete this form and our convenor will contact you.

AA Group insurance

There are many benefits attached to having AA public liability insurance, it protects our members and also offers peace of mind to the good people that provide rooms for this valuable service. We have listed a few benefits below. AA group insurance is affordable, and should be factored into the running cost of every meeting. 

1. Members are insured whilst attending meetings 

2. Alcoholics Anonymous will not be drawn into controversy over a possible claim.

3. The owner of the building will usually require said independent insurance.

4. In line with our traditions, each group is autonomous and self supporting.

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