to shut down

They say that a dramatic headline will always grab the attention of readers and we certainly need to grab your attention with this article. At the last Galway West Area committee meeting, it was suggested that become dormant (see last Area minutes). This is mainly due to rotation of the present committee members, who have been working on the website for over the recommended 2 years. The website has been a tremendous success since Christmas 2011 carrying the message of AA to both locals and visitors to Galway AA, with 40 visitors per day visiting our website (verified by Google Analytics). There have been numerous contacts to AA through the contact form on the website, including (12 step calls) introducing new members to our fellowship, which is the primary purpose of each member and group.

AA has taught us that there is always hope, it’s the first thing we get when we join AA and start to participate in the fellowship and a life of sobriety. One website committee member will remain to manage the site in its dormant state and will also help any new committee members, who wish to get involved. To help the website continue, it is anticipated that at least 2 AA members from Galway meetings, should volunteer to this service position. What’s involved: It’s a very simple position with occasional attendance at website committee meeting (about every 3 months), the main “job” is taking turns in answering and addressing website communications (about 2 per week from the online contact form) and matters to keep in line with our website policy. Training is provided and every help is available from website committee members. Requirements: 2 years continuous sobriety. You do NOT need any web development knowledge for this position. You will need an email address. If you’re interested, then contact us to arrange to meet for a cuppa to discuss what’s involved or if you know someone who may want to get involve in this service position, please past this email on……..

Thank you

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