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Interesting journal article on the genetic/physiological link of ADH genes with Alcohol dependence among Irish population sample

Journal’s Conclusion:

We found evidence for the association of several *ADH* genes with AD in a sample of Western European origin. The significant interaction effects between markers in *ADH* and *ALDH* genes suggest possible epistatic roles between alcohol metabolic enzymes in the risk for AD.


ADH = *Alcohol dehydrogenases* (*ADH*) are a group of dehydrogenase enzymes

*AD* = alcohol dependence

population studied – Irish

see peer reviewed journal: Click here….

see wiki on ADH genes – reference only: Click Here.

Big Book:

It is incredible to think that the Dr’s opinion…. came years before the discovery of ADH genes… thanks to science today we can really see the physical/genetic factors that cause alcoholism

In the alcoholic the ADH enzymes that don’t break down the ethanol properly account for what lies behind what Dr Silkworth identifies as the physical craving…

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