Tír na nÓg

Very Important Message.

Tir na nÓg meeting room is getting a new coat of paint, so next weekend meetings will have to be cancelled, but just for one week.

No meeting on 29 or 30 October 2022


Legend: S = Step, TR = tradition, Sp = Speaker, 11 = 11th Step, To = Topic, ST (Step, Tradition), BB (Big Book), LS = Living Sober, C (Closed Meeting), O (Open Meeting), G = (Gaelic), M (Move to Bohermore on Bank Holiday), ** Denotes (Wintertime swap to Summertime or vice versa)

Address: 4 Augustine St., Galway City. H91 H992
Directions: Google Map… (Opposite Ozanam House)
GPS: 53.272308, -9.051170
Notes: Young People’s Meeting. Young has been defined as anyone who has room to grow. Guided by Tradition 3, and open to all who suffer from alcoholism.
You may need to knock the door as it may be locked.

Disclaimer: The times are correct at time of posting.
Please leave a suggestion or changes here. Thank you.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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