Telephone Service

The telephone service in Galway City and County was implemented to increase the connection times that any problem drinker can contact AA for help and has since its inception resulted in many 12 step calls. It also provides an opportunity to satisfy our primary purpose of “staying sober and helping other alcoholics to achieve sobriety”

If you would like to consider doing phone service, please watch our short Phone Service Protocols explainer video.

What next?

Galway Area Telephone committee are looking for telephone responders. Full training is given when you volunteer for his very worthwhile service position.

Do I need to go to special meetings?

  • No need for formal meetings, you will be connected to the Area Telephone committee convenor mostly by phone, who is always available to support all volunteers.

What kind of calls do our phones receive?

The number of daily calls fluctuates and the requests range from:

  • suffering alcoholics seeking help.
  • looking for meeting information, 
  • looking for help for family members
  • Requests from professionals for Public Information

Phone responders are not required to do 12 step calls.

What times will I need to answer the phone?

Our phones are answered between 12:00 to 22:00

What will be my duties?

The Galway AA phone number will be diverted to your own phone. You will answer the call on your own phone.

Complete and submit the “call report” which is an online form. The form address will be available on our WhatsApp group.

This vital and essential service has been carried out for many years and many members are sober today because of it, saving, their jobs, marriages, sanity and even lives.

How do I volunteer?

It is best to contact the the Galway phone directly and leave your name and number. The phone convener will return your call. Please remember that we are all volunteers and this may take a little while.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time,

They have the heart”

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