COVID19 Notice: This meeting is limited to 16 people in attendance with the present HSE regulations, on a first-come, first-serve basis, and that we request people arrive 10 minutes before the start of the meeting, in order to accommodate social distancing.

MON 08:30
TUE 08:30
WED 08:30
THU 08:30
FRI 08:30 20:30
SAT 08:30 20:30
SUN 08:00 19:30

Legend: S = Step, TR = tradition, Sp = Speaker, 11 = 11th Step, To = Topic, ST (Step, Tradition), BB (Big Book), LS = Living Sober, C (Closed Meeting), O (Open Meeting), G = (Gaelic), M (Move to Bohermore on Bank Holiday), ** Denotes (Wintertime swap to Summertime or vice versa)

Address: Salthill Church
Directions: Google Map.
GPS: 53.260923, -9.076072
Notes: Back entrance
Disclaimer: The times are correct at time of posting.
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