2021 Christmas Meetings

Let visitors and members know of changes to your meetings.

This is a work in progress and depends on meetings notifying us. Don’t forget to REFRESH your browser, because information will change, if you’ve been here before.



  • Christmas Day
  • Salthill Physical Meetings
  • No morning meeting.
  • However, we will have a meeting at 2.30pm, 4.30pm, 6.30pm and 8.30pm
  • Numbers limited 12 people with covid19 guidance.


Wishing you all a Merry and Sober Christmas

NOTE: Please be aware that these changes are provided by each group and we post these as we receive them. Please check with the meeting secretary to get 100% clarification.

Your Support Needed

Date: 30th July 2020

There are many constraints on the meetings, who are opening again, especially where some meetings, that had attendances of 25 to 30 members, are now obliged by law to reduce attendance to around 12 to 15 with social distancing.

I write this because I know that many are concerned with the ability of the new members to attend a physical meeting for the first time. Zoom meetings are great but many of us realise the attraction of, the atmosphere and energy of a physical meeting, not to mention the “meeting after the meeting”.

We have an active phone service in Galway that receives 12-step calls each week, and the 12-step responders need to know what meetings are open.

If you know of a meeting that is back open and wishes to serve Step 12 of Alcoholics Anonymous, please remind them to notify Galway Area that they are open and tell us what restrictions they have in place.  A contact name and phone number of a 12-step person would be great too.

All of us, members of Alcoholics Anonymous realise the challenges of living and staying sober in these very difficult times and we need to help each other stay sober as best we can.

Thank you for your attention to this appeal and your understanding of its intention.

Yours in Fellowship

Salthill Sunday

S = Step, T = tradition, O = Open, C = Closed, BB = Big Book, Sp = Speaker, 11 – 11th Step, To = Topic,
Address: Salthill Church (Back entrance)
MaP: Google Map…..
Disclaimer The times are correct at time of posting.
Please leave a suggestion or changes here.


Online Meetings

Waiting room: This setting is by far the best method of keeping out the nefarious people who gatecrash our meetings. Please be patient, it may take a while for the host to get to you. This is another security feature and probably the safest.

Day GMT Name Name Extra info
Sun 08:30 Canary Islands Int Morning ID: 161 461 808 PW: billandbob
Sun 08:30 Galway Salthill Good Morning ID: 818 7036 1302 Pass:
Sun 11:30 Renmore Morning ID: 367 721 4069
Sun 18:30 Galway Knocknacarra ID: 873 4071 5363 PW 658698
Sun 19:30 Salthill Church ID: 737 160 1631 *PW Rule62
Mon 08:30 Tuam ID: 473 136 8311 Pass:433548
Mon 08:30 Canary Islands Int Morning ID: 161 461 808 PW: billandbob
Mon 08:30 Galway Salthill Good Morning ID: 818 7036 1302 Pass:
Mon 13:00 Galway Ozanam Room 7 ID: 485 085 780 PW: 948783
Mon 17:45 Croi Nua ID: 870 5886 4194
Mon 20:00 Galway Tir Na nÓg, ID: 895 5199 3311 Password: Rule62
Mon 20:30 Galway Athenry ID: 941 461 410
Tue 08:30 Canary Islands Int Morning ID: 161 461 808 PW: billandbob
Tue 08:30 Galway Salthill Good Morning ID: 818 7036 1302
Tue 13:00 Galway Ozanam Room 7 ID: 485 085 780 PW: 948783
Tue 17:30 NUIG ID: 898 8933 4098 Password: 768150
Tue 18:30 Galway Knocknacarra ID: 873 4071 5363 PW: 658698
Tue 20:00 Galway Clarinbridge ID: 607 009 950
Wed 08:30 Tuam ID: 473 136 8311 Pass:433548
Wed 08:30 Canary Islands Int Morning ID: 161 461 808 PW: billandbob
Wed 08:30 Galway Salthill Good Morning ID: 818 7036 1302
Wed 13:00 Galway Ozanam Room 7 ID: 485 085 780 PW: 948783
Wed 18:45 Galway Doughiska ID: 891 0272 8430 PW: billandbob
Thu 08:30 Canary Islands Int Morning ID: 161 461 808 PW: billandbob
Thu 08:30 Galway Oranmore Good Morning ID: 878 4133 6996
Thu 08:30 Galway Salthill Good Morning ID: 818 7036 1302
Thu 13:00 Galway Ozanam Room 7 ID: 485 085 780 PW: 948783
Thu 18:30 Galway Knocknacarra ID: 873 4071 5363 PW: 658698
Fri 08:30 Tuam ID: 473 136 8311 Pass:433548
Fri 08:30 Canary Islands Int Morning ID: 161 461 808 PW: billandbob
Fri 08:30 Galway Salthill Good Morning ID: 818 7036 1302
Fri 13:00 Galway Ozanam Room 7 ID: 485 085 780 PW: 948783
Fri 17:45 Croi Nua ID: 432 557 287 PW: 011891
Fri 17:30 NUIG ID: 857 2404 7335 Pass: 445800
Sat 08:30 Canary Islands Int Morning ID: 161 461 808 PW: billandbob
Sat 08:30 Galway Oranmore Good Morning ID: 842 3628 4709
Sat 08:30 Galway Salthill Good Morning ID: 818 7036 1302
Sat 11:00 Galway Ozanam Room 7 ID: 779 519 760 PW: 011891

Another website with list of Meeting may be found here

World Meetings Online – AA-Intergroup
Irish Meeting Online – AA
Irish Meeting Online – GSO

The Old Fashioned 12 Step Call

How Do You Make An Old-Fashioned Twelfth Step Call?

With many treatment facilities closing their doors, more and more A.A.’s are seeking guidelines for making old-fashioned Twelfth Step calls.

The 1998 Conference Literature Committee considered a pamphlet on making Twelfth Step calls that was compiled and in use by Area 25 (Kansas). Although Conference committee members felt this effort was fine for local use, they emphasized the importance of the use of “How It Works” in the Big Book, as well as seeking guidance through sponsorship, the experience of older members and workshops.

One such workshop was held last spring by the Answering Services Committee of the Elmira (New York) Area Intergroup. The area’s second Twelfth Step workshop, developed its program along lines of the G.S.O.’s service piece “Suggested Workshop Format.” Out of the workshop experience has come some suggested guidelines. Because they have proven so useful, the committee has shared them with G.S.O., as follows, in the hope that others will be helped too:

1. Return calls ASAP. Call back immediately to listen, share and arrange a time and place to meet-but not at a bar. If you are called to a bar, go there only to pick the person up and, preferably, to get him or her to a meeting.

2. Twelfth Step in pairs, with a same-sex member if possible. Twelfth‑Step calls can be intense, and there is safety in numbers. Besides, two heads are better than one. Be punctual and look your best.

3. Twelfth Step when the prospect is sober or fairly sober. Calls on intoxicated alcoholics seldom work because of blackouts. Wait for the end of a spree or a lucid interval when the prospect is still jittery.

4. During home calls, separate prospect from family if you can (suggest Al‑Anon for family members). Too many people butting in to influence you about the “bad guy” can be disruptive. Learn from experienced A.A.s how to interact with family or significant others on the scene, and when it is wiser to leave than to stay:

5. Suggest detox/rehab if needed. If such is indicated, arrange with family or significant others, with prospect’s permission if possible. Should violence seem imminent, leave. If necessary, make the appropriate phone call.

6. Share how it was (your own drunkalog). Don’t moralize or lecture or brand prospects as “alcoholics.” That decision is theirs-even as to tossing out alcohol they have on hand. Detail your own symptoms, drinking habits and other personal experiences with alcohol.

7. Share your understanding of the disease of alcoholism. Let the person know that this disease is progressive and can end with insanity or early death. Describe the conditions of body, mind and spirit that accompany alcoholism.

8. Share exactly what happened to you. The prospect will probably want to know how long you have been in A.A. and how you got and stayed sober.

9. Share your A.A. experience. Share how A.A. has worked for you and helped you to regain your sanity while maintaining sobriety, how it has led to being willing to believe in a power greater than self. Use everyday language and avoid arousing prejudice against theological terms and conceptions.

10. Share how it is now-your recovery program and spirituality. Outline the A.A. program of action and emphasize that this isn’t the somber end of something (preferably drinking) but the start of a challenging, rewarding way of living based on spiritual principles.

11. Leave a meeting schedule, A.A. pamphlets and your phone number; and make one follow-up visit or phone call. Offer to return for further questions, and help with transportation to a meeting if possible. Mention Al-Anon meetings available to family members and significant others.

12. Understand that success means YOU are still sober. Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking as intensive Twelfth Step work with other alcoholics.

Reprinted with permission from Box 459, Vol. 44 #5.

Galway Area Convention 2020

Alcoholics Anonymous


 45th Annual Convention of Galway Area

3rd, 4th and 5th January 2020

Theme: Courage to Change

Welcome to our convention in The Galway Bay Hotel
(GPS coordinates: 53.258155, -9.084312)

Google Map to Galway Bay Hotel

List of local B&B’s and other Hotels

All closed meetings are located on the Lower Level and are well signposted.

AA Conference approved literature is on sale in the Hotel Lobby throughout the convention.

The Leather Lounge is available for Singsongs on Friday and Saturday Night.

Cruinneachai as Gaeilge ar feadh an deireadh seachtaine & Spotkanie Grupy W Jezyku Polskim

I am responsible . . when anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.


Members of the public who have an interest in Alcoholics Anonymous and our fellowship are invited to the OPEN PUBLIC MEETING on Friday evening at 20:00pm in the Lettermore Room. The meeting will end at 21:30pm. All other meetings are Closed Meetings meaning that you may only attend if you satisfy our 3rd tradition which is “that you have a desire to stop drinking”. These closed meetings are  attended only by members of our fellowship, who ask for respect of their anonymity. We would request that you would respect this in your attendance at the convention and thank you for your consideration of this. Types of AA Meetings

The principle of anonymity is a basic tenet of our fellowship. Those who are reluctant to seek our help may overcome their fear if they are confident that anonymity acts as a restraint on our members, reminding us that we are a program of principles, not personalities. 12 Traditions in Long Form

Thursday 2nd January 

20:30 – Early Bird Meeting in the Lettermore

FRIDAY 3rd January 
14:30 – Todays Reflection
15:30 – Complacency
16:30 – Tradition Meeting (1 & 2)
17:30 – Fear, Faith and Fellowship
18:30 – Tradition Meeting (3)
22:30 – Peaceful Regrets for Harms Done
23:30 – Trusting our Intuition
12:30 – Daily Inventory

Inishmaan Suite
14:00 – Rock-bottom (Step 1)
15:00 – All We Have is Now
16:00 – Tolerance
17:00 – Keep Coming Back
18:00 – Insanity (Steps 2 & 3)
22:00 – Step 4
23:00 – Cruinniu as Gaelige
12:00 – Unselfishness

Lettermore Ballroom
20:00 – Formal Opening of our Convention – Public Open Meeting

Ballyvaughan Suite
22:30 – Disco

Saturday 4th January 

10:30 – God Consciousness
11:30 – Rage, Resentment and Recovery
12:30 – Dr Bob’s Nightmare
13:30 – Tradition Meeting (5 & 6)
14:30 – Humility
15:30 – We Wil Know Peace
16:30 – Three Pertinent Ideas
17:30 – Tradition Meeting (7 & 8)
18:30 – Happy Joyous and Free
19:30 – Tradition Meeting (9 & 10)
20:30 – Polish Meeting
21:30 – Tradition Meeting (11 & 12)
22:30 – Came to Believe
23:30 – Channel of Thy Peace
12:30 – Who You See Here

10:00 – Daily Reflection
11:00 – Step Meeting 5
12:00 – AA – Preamble
13:00 – Self Pity will Slip Away
14:00 – Step Meeting (6 & 7)
15:00 – Progress not Perfection
16:00 – Helping Others
17:00 – Live and Let Live
18:00 – Step Meeting (8 & 9)
19:00 – One Day at a Time
20:00 – Step Meeting (10)
21:00 – Cruinniu as Gaelige
22:00 – Step Meeting (11)
23:00 – Into Action
12:00 – Step Meeting (12)

10:30 – AA DVD
11:30 – The Road Back Writers Workshop. How to write and make your story available to the Road Back.
Quite room remainder of day
15:00 – Workshop

Ballyvaughan Suite
20:30 – Remembrance Meeting

10:30 Meditation Workshop
14:30 Meditation Workshop
Meditation (Marathon all day – check door for times)

Lobster Pot Restaurant
15:00 – Drumming Workshop

Lettermore Ballroom
22:30 – Dancing to “Live Music” with Vinny Mongan and his band. Followed by Disco

SUNDAY 5th January

10:30 – Meditation Workshop

Lettermore Ballroom
11:30 – Formal Closing Of Convention (Open Meeting)

Venue change of NUIG meetings

The 3 meetings in the Chapel of NUIG have moved for the foreseeable future to:

Career Development Centre,
Located in the Arts/Science Building on 1st Floor.
Go in main entrance doors opposite the library. Down corridor to the left of the LAMOUR Lecture Theatre. N.U.I. Galway.

NUI Galway