We are glad that you are here and glad that you found us.

Believe it or not, we know exactly how you feel. We have all been there.

Below you will find some materials to help with your decisions about whether you are an alcoholic, whether you should attend A.A. and might seek help with learning to live sober.

Here are some Links to AA information:

A Newcomer Asks (pdf)

Do You Think You are Different? (pdf)

Is A.A. for You? (pdf)

This is A.A. (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions About A.A. (pdf)

Problems Other than Alcohol (pdf)

Alcoholics Anonymous (the AA “Big Book”) (pdf)

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (pdf)

What Next?

  • If you want to speak with a member then call the local Galway AA line Tel: (085) 753 7100
  • If you get to a meeting, then ask for phone numbers for members at your first meetings.

Our members are committed to helping other Alcoholics achieve sobriety. Many of our members are active in service within our fellowship and are willing to share their experience, strength, and hope – if requested.

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