The Provincial Intergroups (‘Intergroup or IG’) are based on the historic provinces of Leinster, Connaught, Munster and Ulster. Each Intergroup Committee consists of the following:

  • four GSRs, preferably including Area officers, elected from each Area Committee (Area Representatives);
  • the four IG General Service Conference Delegates (GSCDs);
  • the Intergroup Secretary;
  • the Intergroup Chairperson;
  • the Intergroup Treasurer; and
  • the Provincial Trustee who has been appointed as a Director of the General Services Board of Alcoholics Anonymous CLG.

Connaught Intergroup Committee meet every three months. Intergroup Committees should make every effort to encourage observers to attend Intergroup meetings.

Intergroup Representatives

Each area is entitled to elect four members to represent the Area at Provincial Intergroup. Intergroup Representatives may continue to hold Area positions at the same time. Qualifications Intergroup representatives should have at least three years continuous sobriety in AA and have served for at least one year at Area level. A good knowledge of AA traditions and principles and a working knowledge of the Service Handbook are essential. The Intergroup Representative should report all Intergroup discussions and decisions to their area and attend all Area Committee meetings and visit as many Groups as possible in the area they represent. Their term of office will be two years. An Intergroup Representative has a voice and vote in the Area Committee that they represent.

All Ireland Convention

The All Ireland Convention is held with the approval of the Conference and moves annually between the provinces. The Provincial Intergroup in whose area the Convention is held is responsible for all aspects of the organisation of the Annual Convention on behalf of the General Service Conference.

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