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Galway Race Week Meeting Changes 2018

Some buildings and offices will close on Race Week in Galway 2018 and the meetings held there will change or be cancelled. Below are the changes we have received from our members.

Ozanam House Room 7: Meeting as normal Monday and Tuesday
All other day meetings will be held between 11am to 12am.

Ozanam House Room 3: Meetings changed to Bohermore

Bohermore: daily meetings at 13:00 and 20:30.

This is a live list and changes will be added as we are notified.

Service Opportunities Galway

Galway Area Telephone committee are looking for telephone responders. Full training is given when you volunteer for his very worthwhile service position.

Do I need to go to special meetings?

  • No need for formal meetings, you will be connected to the Area Telephone committee convenor mostly by phone, who is always available to volunteers.

What kind of calls do our phones receive?

  • Our phones receive approximately 3 calls per day, the requests range from, looking for meeting information, looking for help for family members and suffering alcoholics seeking help. You will pass this request on to your convenor who will arrange any further action needed. Phone responders are not required to do 12 step calls.

What times will I need to answer the phone?

Our phones are answered in two shifts as follows.

  • Day phone is answered between 12:00 to 18:00
  • Evening phone is answered between 18:00 to 22:00

What will be my duties?

You will carry one of our phones during the time you volunteer for, either the day or evening phone. You report directly to the telephone convenor. You answer any calls made to that number and as mentioned you will have full training before to start.

This vital and essential service has been carried our for many yeas and many members are sober today because of it, saving, their jobs, marriages, sanity and even lives.

How do I volunteer?

While your on the website, you can leave your name and number on our contact form here: Click here.  We will pass it on to the telephone convenor, who will make contact with you.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, They have the heart”


New Meeting Sunday Bohermore

There is a new meeting in Bohermore on Sunday evenings at 8pm.

PDF Meeting List here: Click Here. Print a copy and bring to your meeting.

Galway AA Meetings at Christmas 2014

Here are some meeting changes that we were informed about for this Christmas. Please check the original meeting page for other details such as address and map.

Wishing All our members a happy and sober Christmas

Salthill Christmas Meetings

  • Salthill Church: Good Morning Galway A.A. Group
  • Christmas Day Marathon Meeting – 2pm to 6 pm – Christmas Day
  • St Stephens Day Marathon Meeting – 2pm to 6pm – St. Stephens Day
  • There will be no Meeting at 8:30am Christmas Day only
  • Salthill Meeting Webpage

Ozanam House Christmas Meetings

Loughrea Christmas Meetings – all

Click Here..

Your Meeting Changes

If you have any Christmas changes to your meeting. Please get your Meeting Secretary or PI to let us know about them, so that we can pass these on to the fellowship. Contact us here.

Meeting Changes in Galway

Salthill Morning Meetings

All morning meetings in Salthill running at 8:30 from now on and are one hour duration;

  • Tuesday, Step meeting at 8:30,
  • Thursday, Big Book at 8:30,
  • Friday, Speaker meeting at 8:30.
  • Salthill evening meetings remain as is, on Tuesday and Friday at 20:30.

Sunday Speaker Meeting – Closed

Due to circumstances outside the control of the group, the Sunday 1pm meeting at Àras Naofa, next to Renmore Church (Saint Oliver Plunkett Church) has closed.

The group are looking for another venue to continue this popular meeting.

NEW Meeting in Oranmore

A new meeting will start in Oranmore on Saturday 22nd November next.

  • Day: Saturday (Starting 22nd November)
  • Time: 8pm to 9pm
  • Venue: Respond Building previously the Old Convent in Oranmore. Please be aware that parking is in the church car park with an connecting gate to the Respond Building. Parking on the grounds of the Respond building is for residents only.
  • More info and map here.

Christmas Meetings

If you have any Christmas changes to your meeting. Please get your Meeting Secretary or PI to let us know about them, so that we can pass these on to the fellowship.

Christmas Changes- Click Here.

You can forward this email to any members you know are not on our subscription list.

Convention Committee Meeting

Hi All,

Looking for your support Wednesday evening.

This is a reminder of convention information poster & program envelope packing to send to all groups nationwide tomorrow evening November 5th at 8.30pm in the Galway Bay Hotel lower level. approx 900 envelopes to be packed,

Many hands make light work!

All members welcome

The forthcoming convention celebrates 40 years of Alcoholics Anonymous in Galway. Its a great social occasion where members from all over the world travel to Galway to meet up with sober friends and enjoy.

See what last years convention included. Click here to view webpage and timetable.

East Galway Convention 2014

Alcoholics Anonymous

Annual East Galway Area Convention

23rd, 24th and 25th May 2014

Welcome to our convention in The Loughrea Hotel and Spa, Loughrea, Co. Galway

AA Conference approved literature is on sale in the Hotel Lobby throughout the convention.

Poster pdf



Members of the public who have an interest in Alcoholics Anonymous and our fellowship are invited to the OPEN PUBLIC MEETING on Friday evening at 8pm. All other meetings are Closed Meetings meaning that you may only attend if you satisfy our 3rd tradition which is “that you have a desire to stop drinking”.  These closed meetings are  attended only by members of our fellowship. We would request that you would respect this in your attendance at the convention and thank you for your consideration of this.

Serenity Prayer as Gaeilge

Translation One

Deontas Dia dom an suaimhneas
chun glacadh leis na rudaí nach féidir liom a athrú;
misneach a athrú ar na rudaí is féidir liom;
agus eagna a fhios ag an difríocht.

Translation Two

A Dhia,
deonaigh dom an suaimhneas
chun glacadh le rudaí
nach féidir liom a athrú,
misneach chun rudaí a athrú nuair is féidir,
agus gaois
chun an difríocht a aithint.

Translation Three

An Paidir Suaimhneas
A Dhia, bronn orm
An suaimhneas, glacadh leis an ní
Atá do-athraithe,
An misneach athrú a dhéanamh
Nuair is féidir,
Agus an saíocht an dá rud a athint ón a chéile.


HSE Restrictions: Limited capacity of 9 members attending. There may be the ability to expand into another room with a capacity of 9 also.

Address: Room 7, to the right past reception in the Westside Resource Centre, upstairs, then turn right and down short corridor on left.

The Resource Centre is the building beside the library in Westside, Galway City

This a busy place, so you can ask at reception too.

 GPS: 53.277545, -9.073819
Disclaimer The times are correct at time of posting.
Please leave a suggestion or changes here.
Thank you

Time for Tea

New research is proving that tea can positively benefit your health. Green tea is a rich source of vitamin C – one large cup has the same amount as a glass of orange juice. It also contains anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties to help fight gingivitis, gum disease, bad breath, and flu. Red Bush or Rooibos tea has similar properties to green tea, and it is rich in vitamin C, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, zinc, and manganese. Black tea has lower antioxidant properties than green, but can still help to reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol levels. Be careful though – as it contains more caffeine, which can cause restlessness and irritability.