2021 Christmas Meetings

Let visitors and members know of changes to your meetings. This is a work in progress and depends on meetings notifying us. Don’t forget to REFRESH your browser, because information will change, if you’ve been here before. Loughrea Temperance Hall – maximum 14 participants. Full List of Loughrea Meetings here Salthill Christmas Day Salthill Physical… Continue reading 2021 Christmas Meetings

Your Support Needed

Date: 30th July 2020 There are many constraints on the meetings, who are opening again, especially where some meetings, that had attendances of 25 to 30 members, are now obliged by law to reduce attendance to around 12 to 15 with social distancing. I write this because I know that many are concerned with the… Continue reading Your Support Needed

The Old Fashioned 12 Step Call

How Do You Make An Old-Fashioned Twelfth Step Call? With many treatment facilities closing their doors, more and more A.A.’s are seeking guidelines for making old-fashioned Twelfth Step calls. The 1998 Conference Literature Committee considered a pamphlet on making Twelfth Step calls that was compiled and in use by Area 25 (Kansas). Although Conference committee… Continue reading The Old Fashioned 12 Step Call

CoVid 19 and our Meetings

The Irish Government has today 24/3/2020 announced that “social gatherings of no more than four people are allowed – unless they are all from the same household.” Online meets ..World Online Meeting List.. ..Carlow Online.. Notify members of your Home Group Meeting changes: Form Here.  P

Galway Area Convention 2020

Alcoholics Anonymous Fáilte  45th Annual Convention of Galway Area 3rd, 4th and 5th January 2020 Theme: Courage to Change Welcome to our convention in The Galway Bay Hotel(GPS coordinates: 53.258155, -9.084312) Google Map to Galway Bay Hotel List of local B&B’s and other Hotels All closed meetings are located on the Lower Level and are… Continue reading Galway Area Convention 2020

Venue change of NUIG meetings

The 3 meetings in the Chapel of NUIG have moved for the foreseeable future to: Career Development Centre, Located in the Arts/Science Building on 1st Floor. Go in main entrance doors opposite the library. Down corridor to the left of the LAMOUR Lecture Theatre. N.U.I. Galway. NUI Galway  

Westside meeting at NEW venue

Westside lunchtime and evening meeting have moved to new room at Room 7 upstairs at Resource Centre in Westside. http://galwayaa.com/index.php/westside-church/  

Tír na nÓg (Big Book) Monday

HiTír na nÓg (Big Book) has changed to Monday evenings at 8pm. This meeting focuses as a Young People’s Meeting. Young has been defined as anyone who has room to grow. Guided by Tradition 3, and open to all who suffer from alcoholism. Meeting Page. All are welcome