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This Too Shall Pass

We tolerate & handle the winter because we know that winter will surely pass. The same applies to the curved balls of life.

THIS TOO SHALL PASS, a simple slogan that proves itself worthy of inclusion in our rooms, because it tells us that trouble and tough times are a part of life and stuff happens, but it does pass.

Think: I can handle & get through whatever I am going through right now.

Heard in the Rooms

How often have we heard the suggestion “To stick with the winners”. I heard a little appendix to that recently in Galway.

“At the beginning, I was told to stick with the winners, but I’m so glad there were members who stuck with the lame ducks like me”.

Heard in the Rooms

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, but doing the same thing over and over when we know the results and doing it anyway is stupidity” ~ anonymous