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This local Galway website hopes to improve access to information about Alcoholics Anonymous and AA meetings in Galway, Ireland. Its intention is purely to complement other AA information. For the national Alcoholics Anonymous site for Ireland please.. ..click here

Locate Your Meeting by Day

To locate a meeting in Galway, please click on the day and you will find a list of meetings in County Galway.


“Open” Meetings:

Open Meetings (meeting types) at Ozanam House, Augustine Street, Galway more information here.


Tel: (085) 753 7100

12:00pm to 10:00pm. 7 days per week

Service Opportunity: If you would like to help on the new phones please let us know by contacting us here……….. Conditions apply

Whenever anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want to hand of AA always to be there and for that I Am Responsible…..

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